Friday, August 24, 2007

On a personal note....

This past Tuesday, August 21st, was the one-year anniversary of my colon resection, following my 2006 diagnosis of stage one colon cancer. To mark the occasion, I had a colonoscopy. In the weeks preceding my check-up, I was nervous, concerned, scared, you name it. Every little tweak, twinge, tug, pull or unexplained pain had me concerned that a recurrence was in progress.

The doctor who performed the colonoscopy, did take a tissue sample, from near where my colon was put back together. He thought it was nothing more than scar tissue, but just wanted to be sure. On the morning on the 23rd, I picked up a voice mail on my phone, asking me to call the doctor's office. Boy, did I get nervous, thinking I was about to be told the worst. After calling, then being put on hold for two minutes, making me even more nervous, the wonderful person on the other end of the line said the four sweetest words I have heard in awhile: "No Evidence of Disease." Oh my, did my heart ever soar! I was, on one hand, certain that would be the result on my colonoscopy, but also convinced that this ugly disease would strike me again, jeopardizing everything I have worked so hard for. When I heard that I was indeed NED, I realized that I'd still have the opportunity to enjoy the love of my family, my friends and pursue my broadcasting career.

I am so thankful for lots of things: My wife, who has been my rock, my love and my hero; the doctors, who have taken such good care of me; my friends, who have been so supportive and Internet sites such as this one, where I have met several new friends and learned so much about life as first, a cancer fighter and now, as a cancer survivor. You all have been an inspiration. Thank you.

I now know I am on the road to old age, not that I'm all that far away, but at least I know now I'm headed in that direction. I hope that, along the way, that my story will encourage others to get screened for colon cancer. I am living proof that early detection can save lives.

Thanks for listening. Have a day as wonderful as you are!

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