Wednesday, February 20, 2008

You know what REALLY fries my grits?

Recently, I've had two very important groups in my life come down on me, after other, unnamed sources made complaints against me. In neither case, was there any give and take, no discussion, no investigation of any kind. It was simply these unnamed people making unfounded, unsubstantiated allegations and me then being told not to be a part of something I enjoyed any longer. Just what the hell is wrong with people these days, where anonymous people can make allegations against someone and the target of their garbage is immediately found guilty, without any chance to defend themselves?

Those people, especially in the first of the two instances, should be deeply ashamed of themselves. As much as my wife and I love Kearney, we now must question that love and whether or not we want to raise our son in this community after what has transpired in the recent past. This was not easy to write, but I felt I must. I am sick of the people who can't face a problem head on and instead whine and cry to someone else and then hide behind that person. I am about as disgusted as I have been in a very long time and find myself becoming more and more disillusioned with my current situation.

Thank you for reading what I've had to say. It's more apparent to me every day, that despite what others you might view as friends may say, the only person who can truly "have your back," is yourself.

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Jason said...

John, I want to offer my support of what you are doing here, on the radio and until recently had been doing on The Storm Report. It saddens me deeply that idiot children posing as adults can act in such a manner. It is unfortunate that a child's whining can gain so much credit with those that "make the rules". I'm ashamed of the entire situation.

Let me say that you have been the absolute best voice of the Storm since I've had season tickets (since the second season), your commentary is quick and relevant and your knowledge of the game is unsurpassed. You obviously love the sport! On the Storm Report you brought a bridge between the fans (such as some of them are) and the Storm organization, an insider's view of things. To me and I know others this was invaluable, whether we agreed with your opinions or not.

I know the frustration you feel, as it seems to creep into our lives in many ways as the dumbing down of America worsens. Hang tough knowing that there are people out here that can act like an adult, that can understand a difference of opinion and respect it. Not all of us in the Tri-city area are stuck in the 5th grade.


Jason Roblyer
Section F, row 13, seats 9-11
TCJason on the Storm Report

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