Thursday, June 12, 2008

Jimmy update

Mr. Jimmy had his 2 week check up Tuesday and he is right smack on target with his growth and development. He weighed 8 lbs. 3 oz., a gain of 7 oz. from his 1 week check, and he's gained 1/4" in length so he's now 21 inches. We are having tummy issues though and playing formula roulette. We had switched from milk-based to soy-based and he was starting to have gas and colic after a week so now we're trying the sensitive tummy formula. We hope this works for him since it just tears us up to see him hurting when he has those horrible gas pains and neither of us can do anything to comfort him. He just ate and he's still fussy. We're using Mylicon drops afer every feeding.

Jimmy is now eating more each feeding and the time interval between feedings is starting to stretch. He's now feeding every 3-4 hours instead of every 2-3. It will be greatly appreciated by his sleep-deprived parents if he continues this through the night! But other than his tummy problems he is the perfect baby. At least we think so. And we wear baby spit as a badge of honor. We're parents!

To view all his latest pictures go to
There are pictures of him with his Daddy at Relay for Life from last Friday. In case you missed the TV news story about it that featured him you can still see it at in the archived videos. At the end of the section of recent videos click on "More local stories"; at last check the video was on page 5.

Now for Kim's good news: She's lost 25 lbs. of pregnancy weight and can now fit into her B.C. (before child) jeans again! Of course once she starts eating on a regular basis again instead of what she can grab whenever that will probably change. Then she'll have to go on a diet(Her words, not mine--You look great sweetie!). Until then she'll take what she can get!

We'll check in as often as we can. It looks like the little man may be going to sleep soon. He's doing a lot of stretching and yawning. His daddy says that the way he waves his arms around he's going to be a conductor. That's fine with Mommy! She hopes he'll have her love for music and his daddy's love for sports. Whatever he does though he'll be very much loved. He truly is our little miracle and we thank God for him.

Kim, John, Jimmy, Snoopy and Smoke

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