Sunday, July 27, 2008

Jimmy's two months old today!

Our little Jimmy is growing up! Today is his 2-month birthday. We went to watch Daddy umpire a baseball game and now we're home and he doesn't want to go to sleep. Here is life at 2 months in his own words:

Hewwo evewybuddy! My name is Jimmy. I am 2 months owd today. I am vewy, vewy helfy and happy wif my famwy. Dey weawwy wuv me wots and wots.

Mommy an' Daddy tooked me to see da nice doktur wady on Fwiday. I am ewevun pownds now and I am 22 1/4 inchus taw. I is getting BIG! I wolled ovew for da nice doktur wady too! She sez I am way cute! I did NOT wike it when da nurse comed in an' giveded me dose shots! I cwied weaw woud! Mommy sez dey are to make me helfy so I gwow big an' stwong wike Daddy. I not shur I beweev hew but I guess I do. She giveded me my bottul wight aftew da shots so dat wuz ok.

I am pwaying mowe and mowe now and eating mowe and mowe. I has sweepeded fru da nite 2 times dis week! I don't weawwy wike to take my naps duwing da day but I guess I gotta. I wanna stay awake and pway! Ow at weast have Mommy hold me!

Da puppies shur are funny! Dey are pwetty cool. Soon I can pway wif dem. I hope dey wike it.

Dat's aw fow now. I tiwurd. I wuv aw uv yew!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Jimmy, happy birthday! you type better than daddy!!!! hahahahahaha


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