Thursday, August 28, 2008

It's time for Beaver football!

Tonight, my most-favoritist college football team, the Oregon State University Beavers, kick off the 2008 season, with a matchup against the Stanford Cardinal.
The Beavers graduated several key players on both sides of the ball after last season, but are expected to be strong in the secondary, which may well hold them in games, until the offensive line gels and the quarterback situation settles itself. Watch for the Rodgers brothers to make some loud noises for the Beaver offense. This could be a fun team to watch. Stanford, coming off a down season, should be improved under Coach Jim Harbaugh, whose son is a student assistant for Oregon State. This could turn out to be a pretty tough game and the Beavers better not get caught looking past Stanford to Penn State next week(I'll be at the Penn State game. My first time seeing the Beavers live in several years!). My prediction for tonight: Beavers 23 Stanford 13.
Game time tonight is 8p.m. CDT on ESPN2.


L. B. said...

Hi From Oregon- I found your blog when i was searching for the results of the Beaver game. My son is in Marching Band for the Beavs. He went down to Stanford for the game--it's only the first game of the season where he gets to be a "student" and see the game from the stands w/o playing music with the band (trombone). I loved your baby pictures. My son's name is Michael James... Anyway, have fun at the P. game.

John Meissner said...

Thanks for writing.

I really enjoy the Beaver Marching Band. The music and precision is always top notch.

I can't wait for the Penn State game.

Go Beavs!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your reply--and GO BEAVS. Not long now...Hope you're not too lonely out there as a Beaver fan. Have fun at the game and I'll be watching on TV.

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