Saturday, October 11, 2008

It's the weekend

It's a sports-filled weekend here at the Meissner house. Right now, I've got the Army-Eastern Michigan game on the T.V. (Army is my second favorite team. But, how do they bust a 54 yard run to the EM 5, then settle for a field goal? For criminy sakes. Give the ball to the infantry and let 'em roll over the enemy. Sheesh!) Also peeking in on Oklahoma-Texas. (Why can't the Sooners EVER get a break from the officiating?) At 5:30pm Central time, it's to the computer (No TV around here darn it!) for Oregon State vs Washington State. Now, the record shows that Washington State is a bad football team. But making the Beavers a 30 point favorite is a bit scary. Flash back to 1985, in the midst of 28 straight losing years, when the Beavers were 35 point underdogs against the Washington Huskies at Seattle. People all over Husky Land made fun of Oregon State, with one T.V. weather man giving his forecast, saying "Weather for the game....if you want to call it a game...." Well, the Beavers blocked a late punt, recovered in the end zone and won the game 21-20. Oregon State should win today. But a 30 point favorite? That makes me nervous.

There's also be the baseball playoffs on the T.V. I'm pulling for the Phillies and Tampa Bay. I might even find time to check out the Regina Pats and the Tri-City Americans WHL hockey on CKRM.

On Sunday, there's the NFL. My wife likes the Buccaneers, so we hope we'll get that game on the T.V. here. Then, of course, it's the Packers vs the Seahawks. (Wisconsin shuts down on Packer game days.) Will Aaron Rodgers be able to throw effectively after hurting his shoulder? Can the Seahawks rebound after getting drilled by the Giants? Should be fun.

Then, on Thanksgiving Monday, (Okay, okay, Columbus Day in the States, Thanksgiving Day in Canada) it's the second half of the home-and-home between the Saskatchewan Roughriders and the Calgary Stampeders. These two teams just don't seem to care for each other. After last week's 37-34 Rider win over the Stamps, several Calgary players got involved with the officials and were punished by the league for their actions. What makes this game even more exciting, is something you'll never see in the NFL. That's the fact that, after Friday's 27-20 Edmonton win over B.C., all four teams in the CFL West are tied for first. Saskatchewan and Calgary at 9-5-0, B.C. and Edmonton at 9-6-0, all for 18 points. Monday's game will be loads o' fun to listen to. Check it out with Rod Pedersen (Who writes the best blog in all of Canada at and Carm Carteri on beginning at 3:30pm Central time. Go Riders!

Enjoy your weekend everybody.

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