Thursday, November 27, 2008

Hapee Fanksgiving fwum Jimmy!

Hewwo evweebuddy! My name is Jimmy! I is 6 mumfs owd today! An' Mommy sez it's a speshul day cawed Fanksgiving. I dont no much ubowt dis Fanksgiving but it wooks wike a day wen yew woch pawades an' footbaw on tv an' eet wots of tuwkee. I is too widdle to eet da tuwkee now but I is now eeting baybee fud! Mommy an' Daddy has feedud me da bananananas an' da peaws wif my wice seeryuw. Dey is pwetty yumy but I wike my fowmuwa beddew. Mommy sez dat hew is gonna giv me vegtubuls to so I gwow big an' stwong wike Daddy!

I is stawting to sit up bi mysewf now an' Mommy is twying to teech me to sit up stwait. I wuv to sit in my exewsawsew an' pway. I jus gotted a hi chaiw cuz I is eeting big boy fud! I wuv to sit in it an' pway wif my wattles an' fwow dem on da fwoow fow Mommy or Daddy to pik up! Hee hee! It's fun! I jus wuv to pway. I is awso stawting to skoot wen I is on my tumee but I weawwy don't wike being on my tumee a wot. I can woll ovew onto my tumee now!

My pupees is giving me wots of kissus now. It feews funee, espeshuwy Snoopys wiskews, but I wike it. Da pupees wuv me an' I wuv dem.

A cupa days agow we had fwee inchus of sno. Its dis wite stuf dats weawwy cowd an' wet but I has a cupa snosoots so I not wowweed.

Dats aw fow now. I fink its tim fow my aftewnoon nap. I wuv aw uv yew!



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