Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas from Jimmy!

Hewwo evwebuddy! My name is Jimmy! I will be 7 mumfs owd on Satuwday. Tooday is my fuwst Kwismus. Mommy an' Daddy haz towded me dat it's Jeezuz birfday. I wuv Jeezuz! I bewong to him. Mommy sez dat wen I is a yeaw owd I gets to hav a birfday partee too but it won't be as big as Jeezuz birfday. Dat's okay. Jeezuz is weal speshul so I fink evwebuddy shud cewebwate his birfday.

I has had a qwiut day wif Mommy an' Daddy an' da puppees. I has eetud my bottul an' sum babee cewyul. Mommy an' Daddy had big peepuw fud. I has takeded a cupa naps too. Mommy an' Daddy gotted me cwose dat say "Babee's fuwst Kwismus". I stiw a widdle guy but I fink I wike dis Kwismus. I weawwy wike aw da bwite wites! An' I wike sayeeng Happee Birfday to Jeezuz!

My nek pwobwum is geting beddew. Mommy an' Daddy stwech my nek free ow fow times a day. I don't wike it cuz it huwts an' I cwy. Dey aways tew me dey is sowwy. I wish dey wudunt do it but Mommy sez it makes my nek beddew. I hope my nek is aw beddew soon so dey stop doing it. It huwts!

I fink I gonna get a toof soon. An' I has stawted to tawk! Mommy an' Daddy sez dat I gonna say my fuwst wud soon. I can say sumfing dat sownds wike da-da an' ga-ga an' sum uvur sownds. Daddy cant wate fow me to wook at him and say da-da. Daddy awso wantz me to say ma-ma. I wuk on dat!

Happee Birfday Jeezuz! I wuv yew!

An' I wuv aw uv yew too!


Mewwy Cwismus evwybuddy!

Time for pwesints Mommy!

Snoopy and Smoke help Jimmy unwrap presents.

Jimmy gots lots of nice clothes.

Mommy shows Jimmy and the boys the animal book.

Mommy shows Jimmy the Baby Jesus.

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