Saturday, January 24, 2009

How y'all?

Well, it's another weekend in the paradise known as the Space Coast. Weather today calls for lots of sunshine and a high of 72. Loads better than our previous home, where today they'll have sunshine, a high of +6 and a low of -6 tonight, with wind chills between -15 and -20.

Work here is going well and it's pretty exciting to be back. Our move went well, with Jimmy, Snoopy and Smoke doing great on the trip. We got to stop outside Atlanta and visit with Kim's cousin Maryland, then spend some time with our adopted Mommy and new Daddy in Orlando. It was great fun, especially last Sunday, when we visited the church we were married in in Orlando. Everyone loved Jimmy, and it was fun to be back.

Today, I have a field clinic with the new umpire's association I've joined. It makes being back that much better, since umpires won't get out on the field where we came from for another two months. Then we're going to Clearwater to visit with Kim's adopted parents, Papa Joe and Mama Jan. We'll also get to visit Kim's good friend Kathy. That will be fun, because Snoopy will get to see Scampie again. Perhaps Snoopy will teach his brother Smoke how to use the doggie door, like he did Freckles. Hopefully, we'll get to spend time with Jimmy's Godparents, Ric and Debbie. Debbie came to Wisconsin in November, to be part of Jimmy's baptism. And, of course, this coming Sunday, the 25th, is my 54th birthday. Hopefully, we'll get to celebrate with a trip to Biff Burger in St. Petersburg. Yummy!

Have a good weekend everyone!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yeah you suck ... we might get more snow ...... glad the move went well..... :) and happy (before the big day) birthday to you sir! what is it now 75??


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