Thursday, March 12, 2009

Catching up

It's been a hectic several days with little opportunity to post, so it's time to catch up. In hockey:

The Space Coast Hurricanes Junior B season ended Sunday, with the team dropping a hard-fought 2-1 decision to the Hampton Roads Junior Whalers. John Jennings scored a power play goal at 11:35 of the first period, but the Canes held the lead for just 19 seconds. The Whalers would then score the game-winner halfway through the third period. After the game, Head Coach Shawn Ray said that "Obviously it was a disappointing way to finish a great season. I'm very proud of these boys, they gave it their all and that's all I can ask of them. There are some great young talented hockey players on this team and more importantly, they made it a fun year. Now it's time to rebuild for next year." Congratulations to the Junior B Canes, who won the MET League South Florida Division regular season title. Normally I post some pictures of the games, but my main blogging machine is on the fritz(I wonder what anyone named Fritz thinks about that saying?) and I have no way to load pictures. Oh well. (BTW: The Jacksonville Icedogs won the MET League South playoff title, beating the Whalers 4-3 in the title game.)

The Junior C Hurricanes, coached by Peter Nyman, are still playing. Check out the latest with them, by going to

The Regina Pats were eliminated from the WHL playoffs last night, by losing to Prince Albert 6-5. The Pats trailed early 1-0, then scored 4 straight goals, but couldn't hold the fort from there. Turns out a win wouldn't have mattered, as Edmonton won, eliminating the Pats. I imagine my friend Rod Pedersen is a bit bummed about missing the playoffs, but after enduring that 2007-08 USHL season with the Tri-City Storm, I can relate. It was the first time a hockey team of mine ever missed the post-season. Sure, the extra money for calling games is nice, but the excitement of calling a potential champion is pretty cool. Oh well, hang in there Roddy. Roughriders camp starts in three months.

Jimmy turned nine-months old two weeks ago. He is growing like a little ol' weed and he really has become Daddy's buddy. He's started crawling(Kim pulled me out of church and back to the nursery to show me) and has finally started to cut his first tooth. It isn't all the way out yet, but you can see it. And, just a couple of nights ago, he finally said his first sentence. We were hanging out together(my favorite activity) and he said "Hi Daddy." That's my boy.

My lovely bride Kim continues to be the greatest girl in the history of girl. She's doing front-desk duties at the radio station and has even begun her own show, Baby Talk. It's all about babies and the issues encountered in raising them. It airs every Saturday at 2:00p.m. on WMEL. On the opening show(Every Meissner was there except me), Kim had Jimmy in the studio with her, making baby noises in the background. How cool was that? Snoopy and Smoke were there too, but were sent to the other room after starting a World Wrestling Puppies match. She does a fantastic job with Jimmy and on occasion, even finds time for me. What an absolutely amazing woman! She is the first thing I want to see when I open my eyes in the morning 40 years from now.

Snoopy and Smoke are lots of fun. Snoopy is a bit shaggy these days, but until haircut day finally comes, he'll enjoy being a ragged-looking guy. As his Mommy says, "He's a big boy, but a little dog." Smoke continues to be his Papi's dog and gets away with a lot. But he's really enjoying the Florida weather, because his little paws don't get frozen like they did outside at our last home.

Last but certainly not least, please pray for my friends in Gladstone, Oregon, Dan and Sheri Schoenborn, as she battles a return and spread of her cancer. This is an extremely difficult time for them both, but they face it with grace and strength. God's blessing on them, their sons Marc and Ryan and their extended family as well.

Well, that's it for now. Talk to you soon. Have a great day everybody!

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