Saturday, March 7, 2009

Who's the man?

Why, it's none other than Bob Ridley, the radio voice of the Western Hockey League's Medicine Hat Tigers. This is from Gregg Drinnan's blog(There's a linky link to the right):

So I got out the calculator today — not enough fingers and toes for this one — because I wanted to know how many WHL games Bob Ridley, the radio voice of the Medicine Hat Tigers, has called. . . . All because Regan Bartel, the voice of the Kelowna Rockets, was stroking himself the other day for reaching regular-season game No. 1,000. . . . Now this isn’t to belittle Bartel’s accomplishment, but I think any time a broadcaster is patting himself on the back for 1,000 games, he owes it to the hockey world to mention Bob Ridley. . . . Ridley, you should know, called the play of regular-season game No. 2,784 on Friday night in Regina. Yes, that is just regular-season games involving the Tigers. . . . Throw in playoff games — the Tigers have been involved in 306 of them — and that number reaches 3,090. . . . And, geez, let’s not forget the Memorial Cup. The Tigers have played in 20 Memorial Cup games. . . . Add it all up and Ridley has called the play of 3,110 hockey games involving the Medicine Hat Tigers. . . . It'll be 3,111 tonight when the Tigers are at home to the Kootenay Ice. And it's be No. 3,112 on Sunday in Cranbrook. The man goes on and on and on; he makes the Energizer Bunny look like a couch potato. . . . Ridley has missed one game — ONE GAME!!!!! — because his then-boss assigned him to cover the Canadian women’s curling championship in Saskatoon. The fact that the boss’s wife was on the Alberta representative may have had something to do with that. . . . And let’s not forget that Ridley also has put on about a gazillion miles behind the wheel of the Tigers’ bus. . . . When it comes to the WHL and the radio bunch, there isn’t any doubt who is THE MAN!

I met Bob once in Portland. It was after a game and he was on the bus and yes, he was behind the wheel. Not many guys in our business nicer. And perhaps none with a more impressive resume either. And to think I was patting myself on the back for calling games this weekend in my 20th different state in the U.S. You ARE the man Bob!


Anonymous said...

I like the updates .... always a good read!

Portland Oregon

John Meissner said...

Thanks Rob. You're also the man! Cheer extra loud at Buckaroos Night next Saturday for me, will ya?!?!

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