Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday Morning Meissnervations

It's another Monday morning, so let's see what's happening.


The Lakers won another NBA title(Their 15th - YAAAAAAAAWN!) last night, beating the Orlando Magic 99 to 86. Kobe Bryant scored 30 points and won the Finals MVP award. Coach Phil Jackson won his 10th title as a coach, the first six with Chicago and now four with the Lakers. Rashard Lewis scord 18 and Dwight Howard 11 for Orlando.


Pittsburgh defeated Detroit 2-1 on Friday, winning the Stanley Cup. I was rooting for the Red Wings, but those wearing the Winged Wheel who are griping at Sidney Crosby for not shaking their hands after the game, are waaaaaaaay off base.

Crosby, as much as he might lose a bit of class when his team is getting hammered, understands and embraces the traditions of the game, which a lot of 21-year-olds don't. He seemingly had every media outlet that was on the ice pulling him in different directions(as he was instructed by NHL officials) when the handshake started and wasn't able to pull away from them. The Detroit players who didn't shake Crosby's hand, had already gone through the hand shake line and couldn't get off the ice fast enough. Red Wings Captain Kris Draper was tinkled off because he supposedly "waited and waited" for Crosby to come shake his hand. Well, if Draper knew what Crosby was doing and where he was at, then Draper could have gone over to him. Crosby has said he feels no need to apologize for missing some of the Red Wings before they left the ice and I agree with him. True champions also know how to lose. Detroit's Captain apparently lost sight of that point.


The Tri-City Storm of the United States Hockey League completed its off-season try-out camp in Las Vegas, Nevada over the weekend. The Las Vegas Ice Center, managed by new Storm owner Kirk Brooks, was the first-time home of the annual try-outs. More than 120 players participated in the invite-only tournament. They were split up into 6 teams and faced off in front of coaches and evaluators.

Among the 120 players invited to participate were nine players from last year’s roster including co-captain Danny Heath and team MVP Anthony DeCenzo. The list also included each of the Storm’s 15 draft picks highlighted by number-one overall pick Justin Demartino. Many other players not currently protected by the Storm and not drafted by the Storm attended the camp and played at a high level.

“Overall, we had a successful try-out camp” stated first year coach Drew Schoneck. “We had some returning veterans play well, we’re happy with our goaltenders, and we had some other players really surprise us – which is what you want to have happen at your camp.”

Schoneck selected 30 players from the try-outs who will make the team’s protected list. That list is expected to be released to the public in the coming days after league approval. Check for the latest updates. For questions or to purchase season tickets to the 10th anniversary season of the Tri-City Storm, call 308-338-8809 or visit the team website.


MLB is in their first round of inter-league play. The Tampa Bay Rays beat the Washington Nationals three straight(Who doesn't beat the Nationals?), winning Sunday 5-4. The Rays have now won 5 straight and are 9-3 in June. Could this be the start of their push towards the top of the AL East?

Yankess blasted the Mets 15-0. New York's senior circuit club could be the next looking for a new skipper.

Three teams(Florida, Baltimore and Philadelphia) all scored 11 runs yesterday.

Cliff Lee took a no-hitter into the eight inning, as Cleveland beat St. Louis 3-0.

In the American League, Boston the AL East by 2 games over the Yankees and 5 each over Tampa Bay and Toronto. (For those of you who care, Boston's "magic number" to clinch the East is 98 games!) Detroit is first in the Central, leading Minnesota by 3 games. In the West, Texas is first, 2 1/2 games ahead of the Angels.

Over in the National League, the defending World Champion Philadelphia top the East by 4 games over the Mets. Milwaukee leads the Central by a half-game over St. Louis and 2 1/2 over both Cincinnati and the Cubs. Los Angeles is 7 games ahead of San Francisco in the West. Colorado is third, 10 1/2 back, but has won 11 games in a row, closing to within one game of the .500 mark.


The Canadian Football League begins it's pre-season schedule this Wednesday. This blog will again follow the Saskatchewan Roughriders this season, with recaps of each game. For up-to-the-minute training camp news, check out for all the latest. Rod teams with Carm Carteri for the broadcast of Wednesday's game from Edmonton beginning at 9:00pm EDT at We'll also have a brief recap of each CFL game this season, right where the hockey recaps have been, in the upper right-hand corner of the blog. And you'll also find links for both the CFL standings and schedule. The Calgary Stampeders are the defending Grey Cup champions.

The league's website is The CFL's 52nd season begins on Wednesday, July 1st.


Jimmy continues his development as he approaches week 55 of his award-winning life. (He's already been voted Cutest Baby in Town by an impartial panel of judges, consisting of his Mommy and me!) He's now topped 21 pounds, and is 29 1/2 inches long. He has been scooting for quite awhile, as well as pulling himself up and cruising the furniture. Lately though, he's been getting up on his hands and knees and crawling. He made a move yesterday like he was ready to take his first step, but it didn't quite happen. We expect it won't be long though. He's also talking up a storm and we expect more words soon as well. We're still waiting for his first haircut too. And if you look in the dictionary for the term "Happy Baby," you'll see Jimmy's picture.


Well, that's it for now. Jimmy is playing, Mommy is resting(stayed home sick from work today) and it's time to get back to Real Stories of the Highway Patrol. So, all y'all have a great week, okay?

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