Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday Morning Meissnervations

It's another Manic Monday. Here's what's happening.


Yesterday was Fathers Day. Technically it was my second, but since Jimmy was only three weeks old for the first one, yesterday was my first "official" Fathers Day. The Boys, Jimmy, Snoopy and Smoke(with Mommy's help, of course!), got me a copy of Paul Blart Mall Cop. We watched it last night and laughed a lot! Check it out if you can. It's really funny and really good.


The CFL pre-season opened last Wednesday. The Edmonton Eskimos broken open a close game and won over the Saskatchewan Roughriders 45-12. The Riders, who trailed just 14-10 at the half, got their only second half points on a safety touch(For you American football fans, that's like a player running out of, or kneeling down in the endzone. It's designed to give the team which had the ball some breathing room on the change of possession). Edmonton played their experienced players quite a bit, while the Riders played their kids. The Eskimos put the game away by scoring 17 points in the third quarter and 14 more in the fourth. Coach Richie Hall, who spent nearly 20 years with Saskatchewan as a player and a coach, had to be pretty pleased with the win over his old team. But I'll bet he was pretty happy with the play of rookie quarterback Jared Zabransky, the pride of Hermiston, Oregon(Where I had my first full-time radio job a couple of hundred years ago). Zabransky, famous for leading Boise State over Oklahoma a couple of years back, showed poise all night long, completing 10 of 14 passes for 109 yards and a touchdown. The Edmonton defense was pretty solid all night long. Look for the green-and-gold to make a push for top spot in the West this season.


Reading the blog of Rider play-by-play guy Rod Pedersen(, it seems some fans are ready to push the panic button already. But, as Rod says, what did the Detroit Lions do last year, after going 4-0 in the pre-season? The Saskatchewan Roughriders will be a good team this season. Once Darian Durant gets his feet under him as the #1 qb and Wes Cates returns from injury to run the ball, the Riders, who won the Grey Cup in 2007 and went 12-6 last year, will be in the thich of the East pennant chase. Saskatchewan hosts the Calgary Stampeders(last season's Grey Cup champs) tomorrow night in the second and final pre-season game of 2009. Kickoff is set for 9:00pm EDT on with Rod Pedersen and Carm Carteri calling the action. And if you haven't heard these guys call a game, tune in. They're as good as it gets!


Now, people keep telling me how hot and humid it gets in Florida every summer, and that the hot stretch we are in now is a bit unusual for this time of year. I can't remember the last day we had below 90, with high humidity to boot. (And there's seemingly no end in sight.) I did experience the hot/humid back in the summers of '05 and '06 when we lived in Orlando. But, one is really thankful for good working air conditioning in this type of heat wave.


Jimmy and I just came in from checking the mail. Nothing good. Rats.


NASA won one and lost one last week. The rescheduled launch of Space Shuttle Endeavour was scrubbed last Wednesday for a second time because of hydrogen leaks. The rescheduled launch date in July 11th. NASA did successfully launch the LRO(Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter) last Thursday, as America returns to the moon. NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter is set to enter the moon's orbit early Tuesday. The Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite will perform a flyby, and is set to impact the moon in October.


Talk in Kearney, Nebraska these days centers around what Kirk Brooks is doing to resurrect the Tri-City Storm hockey team not only in the community, but in the USHL as well. As I continue to hear about how much money he is spending(throwing around?) and the promises he is making(Getting game broadcasts back on over-the-air radio is NOT going to be the slam dunk he or others think it is), it reminds me of the story of another hockey team I was with several years ago. New ownership came in and starting spending money like it grew on trees. Things looked good on the surface, but got so bad behind the scenes, that the owner who not only was the team's General manager but also the public face of the franchise, had to be removed, or the team likely would not have survived past the Christmas Break. I have little doubt that if things got bad in any of it's markets, that the USHL would do what they could to insure that team got through the remainder of the season. But here's hoping that Mr. Brooks can continue to not only do what is immediately necessary to help restore the stability of the Storm, but to insure it's long term viability as well. Despite my stay there ending on something less than a positive note, I want nothing for the best to happen there. Kearney is a decent place to live and hockey improves the community as well. Good luck Mr. Brooks.


My wife Kim returned to work today, after being out sick last week. Have a good day sweetie. I am very proud of you!

And it's because of her efforts that my Fathers Day was such a good one yesterday. I married WAAAAAAAAY over my head!


Well, Jimmy's taking a nap and there's something actually good on TV, so that's it for now. Have a good week everyone!

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