Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Monday Morning Meissnervations, three days late

This week's report is a bit late, because we moved over the weekend/first of the week. Not a huge move, just from one house to the one next door, but enough to disrupt the routine. So, three days late, here's what's happening.


It has been raining like crazy in Tampa the last couple of days. It has me busy looking for hammer, nails and lumber, to start building my ark. This scene was from this morning.


Jimmy's personality continues to develope. Now, he waves nearly every time he sees me, waves bye-bye to Mommy when she goes to work in the morning and this morning, while we were out front talking to the mailman, I swear Jimmy started waving to one of our palm trees. That's my boy!


Cable tv/phone/internet was installed in our new house on Monday. There are issues with the digital phone service, as the modem we were given doesn't pick up the proper updates each afternoon, so we've lost phone service three or four times already. A new modem arriving this afternoon should solve that problem. Everything else works great though. And this is our first time having a DVR. This is really cool. Now we won't have to miss Wheel of Fortune or Jeopardy anymore!


The Tampa Bay Rays beat Toronto 4-1 last night, for their 7th straight win. This may be the push upward in the AL East we've all been waiting for. We'll see.


The Canadian Football League regular season starts tonight with two games: Toronto at Hamilton and Montreal at Calgary. Toronto might hover around the .500 mark this season, while Hamilton could struggle once again. The Montreal at Calgary game should be pretty entertaining, in a first-week rematch between last season's Grey Cup finalists. If you have the CFL games available on your TV, I would suggest checking this one out. It could be a real good game.

Winnipeg is at Edmonton on Thursday and on Friday, the Saskatchewan Roughriders(Not only Canada's team, but the team at my house too...thanks for the flag Cindy!) host their most bitter rivals, the BC Lions. Kickoff on Friday is set for 9:00pm EDT on with Rod Pedersen and Carm Carteri calling the action. Rod's blog, has the best Riders coverage around. Check it out and tell him I said hi.

Happy Canada Day Rod. I'll be waiting for those Happy 4th of July wishes in return from you!


The Super Gas two (or so) blocks from our house has held steady at $2.62 for unleaded for over a week now, while other stations around the area have actually lowered prices a few cents recently. A bit unusual heading into the 4th of July weekend. Certainly way better than last year at this time. But, I still remembering seeing the sign at the Super Gas reading $2.03 for unleaded not all that long(two months maybe?) ago.


I umpired my first summer league baseball game last Saturday, two freshman-level teams in the Winning Inning Academy League. It was a lot of fun. Not a great game, but players worked hard and my partner was solid. It's always good to get back on the field. Now I feel safe in telling the guy who gave me some AAU games a while back to go stuff his indicator!


I watched most of the first round of the NHL Draft last Saturday. Wow, is a draft in any pro sports league some of the most boring TV, or what? The coolest thing, was when Montreal picked Omaha Lancers forward Louis LeBlanc in the first round. It's the first time in 10 or 11 years that the Canadiens have picked a Montreal native, which sent the crowd into it's biggest frenzy of the night. And, as the cameras swept the stands where LeBlance, his family and supporters were sitting, there, with perhaps the biggest look of excitement on his face in the entire crowd, was Lancers coach Bliss Littler. I had the opportunity to work with Bliss for two years with the Billings Bulls and two years with the Tri-City Storm. He's a fine coach and as solid a person as there is in hockey. Those who know him and consider him a friend, are indeed fortunate. Congratulations Bliss. You can be proud, not only of your accomplishments in hockey, but in life as well. I'm proud to know you.


That's it for now. There's a lot of noise coming from the other room, so I'd better go see what Jimmy is up to. Have a great day. And don't forget to listen to the Riders skin the Leos on Friday!

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