Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday Morning Meissnervations

Heydee-ho there good neighbor. It's Monday Morning once again. Here we go....


The Saskatchewan Roughriders lost to the BC Lion 35-20 Saturday. The team showed flashes of solid play, but flashes won't get it done. When you're away from home, and your opponent turns the ball over on each of it's first three possessions, you'd like to think your chances to win increase IF you can score more than 7 points. The Riders Darian Durant and Steven Jyles had their chances, but just weren't able to get the offense rolling consistantly.

Is it a "down" week because they lost? Yeah, I guess. But to paraphrase Rider broadcaster Rod Pedersen, (link to his blog to your right) you can remain positive when you consider the team is 3-3, tied for first in the West and is in the upper half of the league record-wise.

Riders are home to face the resurgent Hamilton Tiger Cats next Sunday. Hamilton, in the first six weeks of '09, has already won more games this season(4) than they did all last season(when they finished 3-15). Kickoff at Mosaic Stadium is 7:00pm EDT, with the live broadcast on CKRM(Links to the right) beginning at 6:00pm EDT.

The CFL West has a three-way tie for first with Edmonton, Calgary and Saskatchewan all 3-3. BC is a game back at 2-4. In the East, Montreal is 5-1, Hamilton is 4-2 and both Winnipeg(Hey, Yvenson Bernard finally got in a regular season game and had 54 yards on 6 carries) and Toronto are 2-4.


The Tampa Bay Rays dropped 2 of 3 in Seattle over the weekend, losing to the Mariners yesterday 11-2. It just looked like one of those days yesterday. With Boston slumping(they lost to the Yankees again yesterday), the Rays are in the very thick of the Wild Card race.

In the American League, the Yankees lead the East by 6 1/2 over Boston and 8 over Tampa Bay. Detroit leads the Central by 3 over the White Sox and 5 1/2 over Minnesota. In the West, the Angels are 3 1/2 ahead of Texas and 8 ahead of Seattle. Boston and Texas are tied for the Wild Card lead, with Tampa Bay 1 1/2 back, Seattle 4 1/2 and the White Sox 6 back.

In the National League, Philadelphia is first in the East, with Florida 4 and Atlanta 4 1/2 back. St. Louis leads the Cubs in the Central by 2 and both Houston and Milwaukee by 6. In the West, the Dodgers lead both Colorado and San Francisco by 5 1/2 games. The Rockies and the Giants are tied for the Wild Card lead, with the Cubs 2 back, Florida 3, Atlanta 3 1/2 and Houston and Milwaukee each 6 back.


Kim and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary last Thursday. Friday night, we went to the coolest burger place of all time, Biff Burger. It was classic car night too. The hi-lites were the 1966 Dodge Charger(I used to own a '67) that I had saw previously at a car show in Palm Harbor, and an absolutely gorgeous 1963 Plymouth Valiant, complete with the push-button gear shift on the dash. I owned 4 Valiants in my past, two '63s, a '64 and a '66. Never paid more than $200 for any of them, but I'll bet if the one at the car show had been for sale, it would have brought at least 5 grand. The guy who owns the Charger followed us around the building to see the Valiant and was just as impressed as we were.

The absolute hi-lite of the night though, was being with my Kim. I find myself falling more in love with her every day. She the best. Thanks dear!


Jimmy is in the other room playing, while I pound out this week's Meissnervations. We are waiting for Gramma Jan to come over to sit with Jimmy, while I go to my latest doctor's appointment. Isn't it frustrating to be sick, know there's something going on, but still no one can find anything? It's sorta like trying to do your own car repairs. You know something's wrong, but you're not sure what. So, you just start removing parts, hoping the next one you replace will solve the problem. Here's hoping today's visit with the gastroenterologist(GI Joe?) will provide some answers this continued feeling of "oogliness" I'm experiencing. Wish me the best please.


That's it for this week. Have fun everybody!

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