Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday Morning Meissnervations

Happy Monday y'all. Let's see what's happening....


Jimmy's milestones are coming fast and furious now. Just last weekend, he took his first unaided steps. During this past week, he has stood up, on his own, a bunch of times. And last night, he had two new firsts. While his Mommy and I were watching the movie Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Jimmy, sitting in front of the TV stood up, without support from any other nearby obejcts, and started grooving to the tunes. Our baby boy is getting to be a full-fledged toddler. He'll probably ask to borrow the car next month. We love our Jimmy!


The Saskatchewan Roughriders lost at Montreal Friday 34-25. Special teams struggled a bit, and the run of nasty third quarters continued, but other than that, the Riders gave the Als, the league's best team, a solid run for their money. Now, it's a well-deserved week off, then a matchup with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers on Sunday, September 5th in Regina. The Bombers put together an impressive effort Friday night in Vancouver, steam-rolling the BC Lions 37-10. Fred Reid rushed 26 times for 260 yards, with Yvenson Bernard(His father's name is Yven, and he was named after him, so he is Yvenson), the former Oregon State running back, carrying 11 times for 112 yards. Wes Cates of the Roughriders is certainly one of the best running backs in the pass-happy CFL, but the Bombers may have the league's best running back tandem in Reid and Bernard. (Anyone know whatever happened to Ken Simonton?) Game time on Sunday, September 5th, is 4:00pm. I can't wait!


In the CFL West, Edmonton is 4-3 and Saskatchewan is 4-4 for 8 points, while Edmonton is 3-4 and BC 3-5 for 6 points each. In the East, Montreal is 7-1 for 14 points, Hamilton is 4-3 for 8, Winnipeg 3-5 for 6 and Toronto(the team that has lost 9 straight in a year-long home losing streak) is 2-5 for 4 points.

All the teams who played this past weekend are off this coming weekend, while the teams who didn't play last weekend, play this coming weekend.

Confused? Check the CFL schedule, linked on the right side of this blog.


Speaking of football, NFL preseason continues. Are there any events more boring than NFL preseason? I watched the Tampa Bay Buccaneers against Jacksonville the other night. YAAAAAAAWN! Besides, the fields are too short, not as wide, and what is up with those teeny, tiny endzones? Not enough players on the field, only one is motion, fair catches allowed and goal posts on the back line. Weird.

Real men play in the CFL.


The Tampa Bay Rays had a decent weekend against Texas, with two late-inning wins, before losing 4-0 yesterday. They're hanging in there, wild-card speaking.

In the AL East, the Yankess lead Boston by 7 1/2(They hung a 20-spot on the Red Sox over the one game!) and Tampa Bay by 10 1/2. In the Central, Detroit leads the White Sox by 2 1/2 and Minnesota(in their final season in the Metrodome) by 4 1/2. In the West, the Angels are on top, 5 1/2 in front of Texas and 12 clear of Seattle. In the Wild Card, Boston leads Texas by 1 game, Tampa Bay is 3 back, followed by the White Sox and Seattle, both 7 1/2 back.

In the NL East, Philadelphia leads Atlanta by 6 1/2 and Florida by 7 1/2. In the Central, it's St. Louis by 8 overs the Cubs, 10 over Houston and 10 1/2 in front of Milwaukee. The Dodgers lead the NL West by 3 1/2 over Colorado and 6 1/2 over San Francisco. In the Wild Card, Colorado leads San Francisco by 3 games, Atlanta by 4, Florida by 5, the Cubs by 7, Hoston by 9 and Milwaukee by 9 1/2.


Yesterday was, to say the least, a pretty unque day in MLB. John Smoltz, who bombed out with Boston, pitched for St. Louis against San Diego yesterday, and struck out 7 consecutive Padres. Michael Cuddyer homered twice in one inning as the Twins pounded Kansas City 10-3 and Philadelphia's 2nd baseman Eric Bruntlet, who kicked the ball around on two straight plays to keep a Mets rally alive, turned an unassisted triple play to end the game. He grabbed a sinking liner, stepped on second, then tagged the runner coming from first. It was the first unassisted triple play to end a game since 1927 and the second time since 1983(I think) in which one game had both an inside-the-park home run and a triple play. And Eric Reed was the first base umpire in both those games.


Hockey camps have started. Tampa Bay is having a free benefit game for slain Tampa police officer Mike Roberts next Saturday. It is part of their 2009 Fanfest. It's a great thing for a franchise that is otherwise mired in controversy, with the league strongly encouraging them to solve a rather acrimonius squabble in their ownership group. Fanfest runs from 3 to 8pm this coming Saturday. There will also be chances to get autographs and talk with Lightning players. Let's see if the area's hockey team can pull off the fan relation schtick better than it's baseball team can. I'm thinking they can and will.


Hurricane Bill missed Florida by a wide margin and is losing strength, but may still bring some nasty weather to the Canadian Maritimes. More storms are already forming behind where Bill came from. The Atlantic hurricane season has started a bit late, but still looks to be busy. Not what I wanted to hear. At least with hurricanes, you know where they are coming from and have some time to prepare. Two nights after our Jimmy was born, three tornados touched down in Kearney, Nebraska, a city that hadn't had a tornado touchdown in nearly 40 years. Kim and Jimmy were hunkered down in the corridor of the hospital with all the other new Mommies, while I was in the basement of our home with Snoopy and Smoke. We lost a couple of shingles and a piece of siding, but it was still a pretty scary night. Those tornados pop up most anywhere, often with little or no warning. Not fun, not fun at all.


Gee whiz. All those trips to all these doctors, plus 3 or 4 trips to get blood drawn(Where do those vampires learn their trade? The latest trip was more painful than all the others put together), and no one can seem to find much wrong with me. It stinks to be sick and not know what's happening. Well, at least it's nothing serious and I am most grateful that all tests do show that there is no cancer. Once you've had cancer, like I did three years ago, any little twinge gets your attention. BTW: This past Friday was the third anniversary of my surgical cure from stage one colon cancer. Happy Anniversary to me. Also to all of you who have survived serios health challenges as well. It's great to be able to hang on to the exalted title of N.E.D.(No Evidence of Disease.) Hopefully, medical advances will make colon cancer a disease our Jimmy won't have to be concerned with when he gets older.


That's it for this week. Have fun everybody!

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