Monday, December 28, 2009

Monday Morning (or maybe afternoon, who knows?) Meissnervations

Happy Monday y'all!


It was another busy week in the NFL. Week 16 started on Christmas Day, with San Diego obliterating Tennessee 42-17.

Yesterday, Tampa Bay showed signs of becoming an actual football team, coming from 17-0 down, to win in overtime 20-17 against the Saints in New Orleans, thanks to a Connor Barth 47 yard field goal. Cadillac Williams rushed for 129 yards and Josh Freeman threw for 271 yards and Michael Spurlock, the first player ever to run a kickoff back for a TD in Bucs history just a couple of years or so ago, and who was just signed early last week, tied the game with a 77 yard punt return TD. A missed field goal by the Saints Garrett Hartley with just seconds remaining, gave the Bucs the break they needed to win in OT. It's Tampa Bay's second consecutive win and the first time in NFL history that a team with 13 wins lost to a team with only 2.

Also yesterday, Atlanta steamrolled Buffalo 31-7, Cincinnati edged Kansas City 17-10, Cleveland beat Oakland 23-9(Last week's heroics weren't enought to get DeMarcus Russell a second chance for the Ray-duhs), Green Bay beat the daylights out of Seattle 48-10(Weren't the Seahawks in the Super Bowl just three years ago?) and Houston edged Miami 27-20.

Pittsburgh slipped past Baltimore 23-20, it was Carolina plastering the New York football Giants 41-9, New England beat Jacksonville(voted as most likely team to move to L.A.)35-7 and it was Arizona 31-10 over St. Louis(Kurt Warner beats his former team again).

San Francisco beat Detroit 20-6, Philadelphia beat Denver 30-27(Remember when the Broncos were 6-0? Will they somehow miss the playoffs now?), The Jets beat Indianapolis 29-15(Colts built a lead, then benched their starters and ended up losing their first game of the season. Morons.) and Dallas blanked Washington in the Sunday Night game 17-0. This week's Monday Night game should be a good one, as Minnesota travels to Chicago(Let see if Brett Favre stops trying to be Head Coach and just concentrates on playing quarterback this week).


The Tampa Bay Lightning split two games last week, losing 5-2 to Philadelphia last Wednesday, then rebounding for a 4-3 win over Atlanta on Saturday. Zenon Konopka and Victor Hedman scored against the Flyers, while Steve Downie, Mike Lundin, Alex Tanguay and Ryan Malone scored against Atlanta. Mike Smith went the distance in net in both games for Tampa Bay.

The Lightning host Boston tonight at 7:30pm EST, Montreal on Wednesday at 7:00pm, and Pittsburgh at 3:00pm on Saturday. All games can be heard on 620AM WDAE and the Lightning Radio Ntework. The Boston and Pittsburgh games will air on Sun Sports TV.

Tampa Bay is 14-15-9 for 37 points, 12th in the East. They trail Atlanta and the Rangers by 3 points for the final playoff spot.


The Oregon State Beavers lost the MAACO Bowl in Las Vegas last Tuesday. BYU showed they were a better team, especially along the line on both sides of the ball. The Beavers scored first, but BYU took things over from there, rolling to a 44-20 win.

Read all about it right here:


Tell me why, when a family can't find work and needs assistance, that the governmeant counts money collected through unemployment against what they could receive in assistance to pay bills and rent? It's criminal, that's what it is. In Florida, you won't get assistance if you bring in over $300 in any manner, including unemployment. Tell me fixing that crap isn't as important as fixing health care.

There are families all across the country doing all they can to stay off assistance. But, it should be there when they truly need it. Tell me how anyone can run a family(housing, food, utilities) on $300 a month. I'd really like to know.

And NOWHERE does it say that an unemployed person can't have nice things, especially IF those nice things were purchased BEFORE that person became unemployed. So, I guess some people figure that once you lose a job, you're instantly supposed to forfeit all your possessions and sleep on the street. And I guess that means you can't spend a few minutes on the computer every other day or so doing something enjoyable, like updating your blog, after spending time searching for employment. Well, I don't bloody freeking think so. Because of the one anonymous jackass, who doesn't have the courage to stand behind what they wrote, anonymous comments are now disabled for everyone. That includes the spammers from Japan, and the scumbag who sent links to nude photos of Miley Cyrus. Wading through and rejecting that crap just isn't worth my time anymore.

One more thing: If you don't like or agree with what you read here, you are most welcome not to come back.


Jimmy turned 19 months old yesterday. He is such a joy. And we were happy that Santa was good to him. Our "angel" in Kearney, Monica, is sending him some things too.

It's unfortunate that the person where Kim used to work, who professed to being her friend, and who had promised to follow through on her to help Santa get Jimmy some Christmas presents, backed out on the deal without so much as an explanation.

One thing we will be sure to teach Jimmy when he gets older, is that people sometimes don't follow through on their promises. What a shame to have to teach him that lesson.

And as far as I'm concerned, health wise, that is, my surgeon in Orlando wants me to have another colonoscopy. I've had so many in the past four years, that I've lost count. As long as I don't have to drink anything with the word "Lytely" in it, I'm good. I feel like I'm closer to finding out what's going on.


Apparently, getting to on a mobile device is a bit difficult these days. If you have the same problem, try the link on the right side of this blog. Roddy has THE best blog in Canada. Try it, you'll like it. It's a great place for news on the Saskatchewan Roughriders during the offseason.


Well, that's it for this week. Have a Happy New Year, okay?!?!

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