Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It's Wednesday!

What's this? Two posts in one week? What is this blog-o-sphere world of ours coming to?


Rays lost for the first time of the road in 2010 yesterday, losing 4-1 at the White Sox. Tampa Bay scored in the top of the first, then gave up single runs in the first, second, sixth and eighth. Rays slip to 1/2 behind the Yankees in the AL East.

Tampa has two more games in Chicago(Really good Dunkin' Donuts right up the street from the ballpark), then return home for a nine-game home stand Friday, hosting Toronto for three, Oakland for two and Kansas City for four.


Denny Hamlin won Nascar's Samsung Mobile 500(along with $502,075), run Monday at Texas Motor Speedway. Jimmie Johnson finished second, Kyle Busch third, Kurt Busch fourth and Mark Martin fifth. A nine-car crash with just 18 laps to go, took out both Stewart and Jeff Gordon. Gordon had led 121 laps(most in the race), while Stewart had led 73, in a race that featured 29 leads change amongst 12 drivers.

Kyle Busch won his fifth consecutive Nationwide Series race at Texas Motor Speedway, beating Joe Gibbs Racing teammate Joey Logano to the finish line by .688 seconds in Monday's rain-delayed O'Reilly 300. The race had been postponed two straight days, before finally being run after the Sprint Cup race.

Nascar runs at Talledega this coming weekend. The Nationwide series goes Saturday at 2:30pm on ABC, the Sprint Cup series runs Sunday at 1:00pm EDT on FOX.


Yesterday was my wife's birthday. For dinner, I took her to a Mexican restaurant, Senor Locos, on Gulf-To-Bay Boulevard in Clearwater.

I had been looking forward to this all week. (We had been spoiled in our marriage, by good Mexican restaurants in both Orlando and Kearney, Nebraska.) Turns out, I should have kept looking.

The first warning sign, should have been the sign. It had parts of it out on both sides(and now that I think about it, has for some time). And although it would be hard to keep their parking lot clean because of all the trees it has, it looks like it hasn't been cleaned in quite awhile.

Lack of care on the outside often times means lack of quality on the inside.

The food was very bland. It came out from the kitchen quicker than I can remember any Mexican restaurant before doing. Apparently, in their rush to get us our food, they forgot one very important thing: Flavor. For my wife and I, the best part of our meals were the drinks.

Jimmy, who will normally eat most of his meal, picked at the french fries and nibbled at just part of one half of what was allegedly a grilled cheese sammich.

My lovely bride works very hard to insure that our family runs as smoothly as possible. She deserved a special night out for her birthday and simply did not get it. When the waitress came out, she asked: "Was everything good?" Kim immediately said "No!" The manager came out a few moments later and when he saw that I had finished my meal(apparently, I am a risk seeker), he asked why he didn't let him fix it for us, because, as he kept saying, "We have many different things on the menu for you." I replied: "I ordered what I wanted." My tamale was 99% husk and 1% tasteless shredded beef, the refried beans were thin and runny and the enchilada was spiceless as well. Of the food portion of her meal, a taco salad, the shell was the best part.

I told the manager that I was quite displeased with our meal. To his credit, he charged us for only our drinks. However, we will never return there again. The food was bad, the atmosphere was non-existent. It was, to put nearly as mildly as the food was tasteless, the worst restaurant meal we have ever experienced.

My advice to you is to not waste your money by visiting Senor Locos in Clearwater. Even Taco Bell would be better than our meal was last night.


The USHL's Clark Cup playoffs resume tonight, with game three of the West Division finals. Fargo hosts Omaha with the best-of-five series tied 1-1. The USHL has suspended (Not that you'd know that by looking at the league's official website or their statistical provider, Pointstreak) Lancers players C.J. Ludwig (five games) for his match penalty in the final minute that sent Fargo's Corey Leivermann to the hospital and Ryan Daugherty (one game) for the major penalty for spearing he took with just over a minute to go, after a Fargo empty-net goal that decided the outcome. Fargo's Matt Leitner was suspended one game for his actions following his empty net goal, while Leivermann(Whose named was misspelled each time in the OWH article) is expected to be out for the rest of the series, after suffering a five-inch gash on the left side of his head, a smaller gash across his lip, and a bruised left shoulder(The league's review ruled that Ludwig's hit on Leivermann also included an elbow to the head). Omaha coach Bliss Littler, who was ejected in the sequence of events after Leitner's empty-net goal, received no additional suspension. Both organizations were fined an undisclosed amount(I wonder if they heard the Omaha radio broadcast?).

USHL Commissioner Skip Prince, as quoted in the Omaha World Herald Newspaper, (Is that publication the only source of information on the events occuring at the end of game two? There was nothing to be found anywhere on the league's website, which has slipped in quality a great deal after former league Director of Media Relations Jon Garver was let go) said: “We let our standards slip collectively in game two,” Prince said. “Intensity and emotion crossed the line, and it won’t happen in this league. It can’t. These are both premier franchises in this league, and I would like to look at this as an exception to the rule.”

We'd all like to look at it that way Mr. Prince. Let's hope that not only does an incident like what happened in Omaha Saturday doesn't occur again, and that the league doesn't try to hide what it does in reaction to a very public occurance.

The series continues with game four tomorrow night in Fargo. Game five, if needed, will be in Omaha on Saturday.

The East finals between Indiana and Green Bay, also tied 1-1, resumes with games in Indianapolis this Friday and Saturday. Game five, if needed, will be next Tuesday in Green Bay.


The Stanley Cup Playoffs are really heating up. There's three games on tonight's schedule: Washington at Montreal(Caps lead 2-1), Buffalo at Boston(Bruins lead 2-1) and Vancouver at Los Angeles(Kings are up 2-1). Tomorrow night, Philadelphia(Up 2-1) visits New Jersey, Pittsburgh(3-1 ahead) hosts Ottawa, Nashville(Up 2-1) hosts Chicago and Colorado visits San Jose(Seies tied 2-2).

As the old saying goes, Check your local listings for time and channel.


Just another radio observation: When the only oldies channel in your area has a weak signal and features Scott Shannon as it's only (voicetracked) deejay, wouldn't you rather (like me) fire up the iTunes on your computer and listen to any one of 38 different 70s channels?

I'm just sayin'.


More radio: Wanna learn something about how to be successful in the biz? Then check out John Paul Media, linked to in the Other Blogs of Interest section of this blog. When John started in radio at KLOG in Kelso, Washington in the late 80s, he was just about the last of a dying breed, kids who offered to sweep the floors and empty the trash just to get a foot in the door. I still remember his first time on the air, before he went through "the change of life." (I have one cut of that day on tape somewhere. If I ever wanted to embarrass him, all I'd have to do is post it for all to hear!) We always used to joke that one day, we'll all be working for him. Well, John has gone on to great success in suburban Indianapolis, Buffalo, Portland and is now a national country program director with Dial Global, based in Colorad(i)o.

What's also good to see, is that his success has not gone to his head. Congratulations Pope. Glad to say that I knew you when.


Speaking of iTunes and iPods, ever since buying a computer that runs Windows 7, it's takes three or four clicks on the iTunes icon to get it to open, I can't sync photos from my computer and the syncing process only ends when I disconnect the iPod from the computer. What's up with all that?

Oh yeah, don't buy an emachines computer. It was the brand of the first computer I ever bought and I really liked it. After our Dell began failing, I bought an emachine, model EL1333G-01w. It constantly burns dvds that are playable only on the computer, it often times takes more time than normal to go from one page to another and their customer support is as bad as the days when I was a sprint cell phone customer.

It's a decent machine. But, if you can afford it, buy something else. If you're an ultra know-it-all computer geek, you can probably make it work the way it should. If you're a person who stumbles around like I do, it's not worth the aggravation.


Just 53 days until the Saskatchewan Roughriders play their first preseason game, June 13th at home against the BC Lions. A Grey Cup rematch with Montreal in Regina to meet the Riders is in 71 days, on July 1st. Follow the Riders via the links on the right side of this blog, via the blog of my good friend Rod Pedersen(also linked on the right side of this blog) and at the team's official website.

Now, the CFL and it's players union needs to do all they can to get together on a new contract and avoid a lockout. Not everything in sports has to be run like it is here in the states.


Oops, weird thought: (Thanks Bill Engvall)

Are there many things more fun on a Wednesday than watching your son play in the backyard, then going back in to a yummy home cooked meal, eaten while watching Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy?

Just a thought.


Speaking of Jeopardy, tonight's returning champion is a college student majoring in creative writing and women's studies. That brings up the obvious question: When she graduates, what kind of work will she be out of?


That's all for now. See ya soon!

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