Thursday, June 3, 2010

More on Jim Joyce

(AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

I told you this wasn't over:

Jim Joyce's son: Father received death threats
(Read the comments and you'll see just how sick and stupid some people are.)

Tigers beat up Indians 12-6 day after blown call
(Pay particular attention to the second paragraph.)

"Jim Joyce is standing up like a man today"
(I had no doubt that he would. He could have backed out of this game, but didn't.)

Peter Gammons: Tigers, Joyce show class
(Wach the video. Everyone--except some easily audible booing fans--, including the broadcast crew, handled it with class.)

A tearful Jim Joyce takes lineup card from Armando Galarraga.
(Great picture. I'll bet today set a major league record for most photographers at a regular season plate meeting.)

These are just a few of the countless articles on last night's call and today's followup. Google Jim Joyce(as I did) and you'll find a lot more.

What's now really important, is how Major League Baseball reacts to this. Will there be expanded replay? I wouldn't be surprised. (Get ready for a real possibility of games getting even longer than they are now. Heck, it's a chance for TV to sell more commercials, so they'll likely be in favor of it.) Once the door was opened by allowing replay for boundary calls relating to home runs, I knew this would eventually happen. But, if replay in baseball is expanded, how do you administer it? Is it for all close calls? Does baseball implement a challenge system like football? Will there be onsite replay officials, like the NHL uses?

Implementing replay in baseball is an issue that must be studied thoroughly before any system is adopted. If donme right, it could be a good thing. If rushed into quickly and haphazardly, it could screw up the game to the point that would take a long time to repair.

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