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It's Tuesday. Here's what's happening....


Today is October 18th, the 291st day of 2011. There are 74 days left in the year.


NHL to hold Letang hearing on boarding call.

Reports: Malkin won't play on Pens' upcoming trip.

Visit the official league website, http://www.nhl.com.


The Mason-Dixon line was agreed upon on this date in 1767. It was the boundary between Maryland and Pennsylvania.


Tampa, FL. -- The Florida Panthers rode their special teams to a convincing 7-4 win over the Tampa Bay Lightning, while spoiling the Lightning's home-opener in the process at the renovated St. Pete Times Forum on Monday night.

Florida produced six special-teams scores -- five power-play goals and one shorthanded -- to set a team record for the most special-teams goals in one game. To measure the effectiveness of the revamped Panthers' power play, consider this: Florida now has collected eight power-play goals on the season after four games. Last season, the team didn't record its eighth power-play goal until Dec. 9, during its 29th game.

Read the rest here.


Samuel Finley Breese Morse laid his first telegraph cable on this date in 1842.


Extinguishing the Playoff Flame.

Visit the team's official website at http://www.riderville.com/.


The U.S. took formal possession of Alaska from Russia on this date in 1867. The land was purchased of a total of $7 million dollars (2 cents per acre).


CFL.ca Power Rankings for Week #16.

Tate's Time? Burris will sit Friday vs. Riders.

Visit the leagues' official website, http://www.cfl.ca/.


The first long-distance telephone line between Chicago, IL, and New York City, NY, was opened on this date in 1892.


Beavers go on road to meet Cougars in Seattle.

Visit the official football website by clicking here.

Visit the school's official athletics website by clicking here.


On this date in 1898, the American flag was raised in Puerto Rico only one year after the Caribbean nation won its independence from Spain.


The 2011 NFL season is underway. Here's the week five results:

Week 6

Sunday, October 16th

San Francisco 25 at Detroit 19
At Green Bay 24, St. Louis 3
At Atlanta 31, Carolina 17
At Cincinnati 27, Indianapolis 17
At NY Giants 27, Buffalo 24
At Pittsburgh 17, Jacksonville 13
Philadelphia 20 at Washington 13
At Baltimore 29, Houston 14
At Oakland 24, Cleveland 17
At New England 20, Dallas 16
At Tampa Bay 26, New Orleans 20
At Chicago 39, Minnesota 10

Monday, October 17th (All times Eastern)
At NY Jets 24, Miami 6

·Bye: Denver, Tennessee, Kansas City, Arizona, San Diego, Seattle.

Week 7

Sunday, October 23rd

(All times Eastern)
San Diego at NY Jets 1:00 PM
Chicago vs Tampa Bay at Londan, England 1:00 PM
Washington at Carolina 1:00 PM
Atlanta at Detroit 1:00 PM
Seattle at Cleveland 1:00 PM
Denver at Miami 1:00 PM
Houston at Tennessee 1:00 PM
Kansas City at Oakland 4:05 PM
Pittsburgh at Arizona 4:05 PM
Green Bay at Minnesota 4:15 PM
St. Louis at Dallas 4:15 PM
Indianapolis at New Orleans 8:20 PM

Monday, October 24th
Baltimore at Jacksonville 8:30 PM

·Bye: Buffalo, Cincinnati, New England, NY Giants, Philadelphia, San Francisco


On this date in 1929, the Judicial Committee of England’s Privy Council ruled that women were to be considered as persons in Canada.


Jimmy enjoys lining things up.


Inventor Thomas Alva Edison died at the age of 84 on this date in 1931.


American League ALDS (Best of Five -- All times Eastern)

Tampa Bay 9, Texas 0
Texas 8, Tampa Bay 6
Texas 4 at Tampa Bay 3
Texas 4 at Tampa Bay 3 (Texas wins series 3-1)

New York 9, Detroit 3
Detroit 5 New York 3
Detroit 5, New York 4
New York 10 at Detroit 1
Detroit 3 at New York 2 (Detroit wins series 3-2)

National League NLDS (Best of Five -- All times Eastern)

Philadelphia 11, St. Louis 6
St. Louis 5 at Philadelphia 4
Philadelphia 3 at St. Louis 2
At St. Louis 5, Philadelphia 3
St. Louis 1 at Philadelphia 0 (St. Louis wins series 3-2)

Milwaukee 4, Arizona 1
Milwaukee 8, Arizona 4
At Arizona 8, Milwaukee 4
Arizona 10, Milwaukee 6
At Milwaukee 3, Arizona 2 (Milwaukee wins series 3-2)

American League Championship Series (Best of Seven -- All times Eastern)

At Texas 3, Detroit 2
Detroit at Texas PPD, Rain
At Texas 7, Detroit 3
At Detroit 5, Texas 2
Texas 7 at Detroit 3
At Detroit 7, Texas 5
At Texas 15, Detroit 5 (Texas wins 4-2)

National League Championship Series (Best of Seven -- All times Eastern)

At Milwaukee 9, St. Louis 6
St. Louis 12 at Milwaukee 3
At St. Louis 4, Milwaukee 3
Milwaukee 4 at St. Louis 2
At St. Louis 7, Milwaukee 1
St. Louis 12 at Milwaukee 6 (St. Louis wins 4-2)

World Series (Best of Seven -- All times Eastern)

Next: Wednesday, October 19th Texas at St. Louis 8:05pm
Thursday, October 20th Texas at St. Louis 8:05pm
Saturday, October 22nd St. Louis at Texas 8:05pm
Sunday, October 23rd St. Louis at Texas 8:05pm
Monday, October 24th St. Louis at Texas 8:05pm****
Wednesday, October 26th Texas at St. Louis 8:05pm****
Thursday, October 27th Texas at St. Louis 8:05pm****

****if necessary


The first broadcast of "Perry Mason" was presented on CBS Radio on this date in 1943. The show went to TV in 1957.


Today in Elvis History:

1958 - The Elvis Presley single "King Creole" hit #2 in the U.S.

1967 - Near Sedona, AZ, filming began on the Elvis Presley film "Stay Away, Joe."


The first computer-arranged marriage took place on Art Linkletter's show on this date in 1958.


Today in Beatles History:

1957 - Paul McCartney made his debut appearance with the Quarrymen in Norris Green, Liverpool.

1967 - "How I Won the War," starring John Lennon, premiered in London.

1968 - John Lennon and Yoko Ono were arrested and charged with possession of marijuana when Ringo Starr's apartment was raided by police.


The U.S. government banned artificial sweeteners on this date in 1969 due to evidence that they caused cancer.


Today in Sports History:

1873 - The first rules for intercollegiate football were drawn up by representatives from Rutgers, Yale, Columbia and Princeton Universities.

1924 - Red Grange (Illinois) scored four touchdowns in the first 12 minutes of a game against Michigan. He scored a fifth touchdown, intercepted a pass and threw a touchdown-pass in the second half.

1950 - Connie Mack announced that he was going to retire after 50 seasons as the manager of the Philadelphia Athletics.

1956 - NFL commissioner Bert Bell disallowed the use of radio-equipped helmets by NFL quarterbacks.

1967 - The American League granted permission for the A's to move to Oakland. Also, new franchises were awarded to Kansas City and Seattle.

1968 - Two black athletes, Tommie Smith and John Carlos, were suspended by the U.S. Olympic Committee for giving a "black power" salute during a ceremony in Mexico City.

1968 - At the Summer Olympics in Mexico City, Bob Beamon set a record of 29'2½" in the long jump. The record remained unbroken until August 30, 1991, when Mike Powell jumped 29'4½".

1977 - Reggie Jackson tied Babe Ruth's record for hitting three homeruns in a single World Series game. Jackson was only the second player to achieve this.

1997 - Hanson sang the national anthem at the opening game of the World Series.


After 34 years, the final issue of "Look" magazine was published on this date in 1971.


Coming up:


Nothin' Doin'.

Wednesday --

Nothin' Doin'

Thursday --

NHL Hockey -- Tampa Bay Lightning vs New York Islanders 7:30pm EDT

Friday --

CFL Football -- Saskatchewan Roughriders at Calgary Stampeders 9:30pm EDT

Saturday --

Empire South Hockey -- Tampa Bay Juniors vs Space Coast Hurricanes 5:15pm EDT

NHL Hockey -- Tampa Bay Lightning vs Buffalo Sabres 7:00pm EDT

EJHL South Hockey -- Tampa Bay Juniors vs Space Coast Hurricanes 8:00pm EDT

College Football -- Oregon State Beavers vs Washington State Cougars at Seattle 10:30pm EDT

Sunday --

Empire South Hockey -- Tampa Bay Juniors vs Space Coast Hurricanes 9:30am EDT

EJHL South Hockey -- Tampa Bay Juniors vs Space Coast Hurricanes 12:15pm EDT

NFL Football -- Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Chicago Bears at London, England 1:00pm EDT

Nascar Sprint Cup Series -- Good Sam Club 500 at Talledega Superspeedway 2:00pm EDT


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