Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday Morning Meissnervations

It's Monday. Here's what's happening.


Today is January 14th, the 14th day of 2013. There are 351 days left in the year.


2012-13 NHL regular season team schedules.

NHLN-U.S. to broadcast 78 regular-season games.

Visit the official league website,


Today's Birthdays: Faye Dunaway (Bonnie & Clyde, Chinatown, Oscar for Network) is 72; Filmmaker Steven Soderbergh (Magic Mike, Traffic, Ocean's Eleven) is 50; Rapper and actor LL Cool J (NCIS: Los Angeles) is 45; Jason Bateman (Arrested Development) is 44.


2013 Free Agent Tracker.

Barker busy early on in Argonauts' off-season.

Visit the leagues' official website,


California had a history-making cold snap. [Poor Lindsay Lohan. Do you have any idea how much more difficult it is to shoplift in mittens?]


Tampa, FL. —Auditions for the 2013-14 Buccaneers Cheerleaders will start on February 16, but those interested in trying out can prepare themselves beforehand through a pair of pre-audition classes, plus a helpful seminar.

Read the rest here.


It's the time of the year when neighborhood Girl Scouts come knocking. The boxes have undergone a makeover. The new packaging arrives as the Girl Scouts of America completes its 100th year.


Jimmy got a Wally Gator.


You're reading the Johnny Blog. Almost as much fun as watching the sun rise, isn't it?


Today in Elvis History

1957 - 
Elvis Presley reported to the Paramount makeup and wardrobe departments for his role as singer Deke Rivers.

1973 - Elvis Presley's "Elvis, Aloha From Hawaii" TV show was broadcast live via satellite around the world. The U.S. and Europe saw a taped version.


A 13-year-old boy who lives in Italy with his adoptive parents took his father's Mercedes and drove more than 500 miles through Europe in an apparent attempt to reach his birth family in Poland. He set off on Thursday from northern Italy with 200 euros in his pocket and drove the car for almost 24 hours before being stopped by German police.


Today in Beatles History:

1970 - 
A display of John Lennon's erotic "Bag One" lithographs opened in London. 2 days later Scotland Yard seized prints as evidence of pornography. 

1989 - Paul McCartney released his album "Back In The U.S.S.R." exclusively in Russia.


When you want to know what's cool, you ask a teenager. And teens have decided that Apple is, like, so over. To own an iPhone or iPad ain't cool any more. No, all the cool kids are being seen with a Samsung Galaxy phone in their hand and the Microsoft Surface lap tablet stuck under their arm.


Today in Sports History:

1936 - 
Cecil "Tiny" Thompson (Boston Bruins) became the first NHL goalie to receive credit for an assist.

1943 - Alex Smart (Montreal Canadiens) scored three goals in his first NHL game.

1948 - Plastic helmets were prohibited in the NFL.

1951 - The first National Football League Pro Bowl All-Star Game was played in Los Angeles, CA.

1954 - Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio were married. The marriage only lasted nine months.

1973 - The Miami Dolphins became the first NFL team to go undefeated in a regular season. They also defeated the Washington Redskins in Super Bowl VII.

1974 - The World Football League was founded.

1976 - Ted Turner completed the purchase of the Atlanta Braves.

1985 - Martina Navratilova won her 100th tournament. She joined Jimmy Connors and Chris Evert Lloyd as the only professional tennis players to win 100 tournaments.

1989 - Bobby Knight won his 500th career victory as a college basketball coach.

1990 - Joe Montana (San Francisco 49ers) set an NFL record when he threw his 30th and 31st post-season touchdown passes. Terry Bradshaw held the previous record of 30.

1993 - NFL Commissioner Tagliabue announced the establishment of the "NFL World Partnership Program."

1996 - Fox aired the San Francisco 49er/Dallas Cowboy NFC championship game. The game pulled a 34.2/57 Nielsen rating.

1997 - Dennis Rodman got his 10,000th NBA career point.

2002 - Barry Bonds signed a contract with the San Francisco Giants worth $90 million for five years.

2002 - Lance Armstrong ran the final leg of the Olympic torch relay in San Diego.

2002 - The NBA announced a three game suspension for Shaquille O'Neal (Los Angeles Lakers) and a one game suspension for Brad Miller (Chicago Bulls) for a fight that occurred during a game.

2002 - TNT world premiered the TV movie "Monday Night Mayhem."
2003 - In Dallas, Dwayne Goodrich (Dallas Cowboys) was charged with two counts of manslaughter and was released after posting a $50,000 bond. The charges stemmed from Goodrich's involvement in a hit-and-run accident that killed two people.   


A woman who does not live in Flint, Michigan, called her son who still lives in the area to check on her vacant house. He found a few things missing, including the kitchen sink.


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Empire South Hockey -- Tampa Bay Juniors vs Florida Eels 5:15pm EST

NHL Hockey -- Tampa Bay Lightning vs Washington Capitals 7:00pm EST

EJHL South Hockey -- Tampa Bay Juniors vs Florida Eels 8:00pm EST

Sunday --

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