Thursday, March 14, 2013

It's Thursday

It's Thursday. Here's what's happening....


Today is March 14th, the 73rd day of 2013. There are 292 days left in the year.


A look at 24 surprises during the season's first half.

Bruins' Kelly out with broken leg.

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Today's Birthdays: Michael Caine is 80; composer-conductor Quincy Jones is 80; Billy Crystal is 65.


Tampa, FL. -- Remember when Steven Stamkos scored 60 goals last season? In 2012-13, he's actually scoring at an even greater rate.

With his third-period, game-winning goal in the third period of the Tampa Bay Lightning's 3-2 win against the Florida Panthers on Tuesday night, Stamkos became the first player to reach the 20-goal mark this season and he scored it in his 26th game.

The goal was Stamkos' 20th of the season, marking the fifth consecutive season the Lightning forward has reached that plateau.

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Today is Pi Day. Why today? Because today is 3.14, the value of Pi.


Lions, Dante Marsh tackle contract extension.

Argonauts extend left tackle Tony Washington.

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Jorge Mario Bergoglio, aka Pope Francis I, is the 76-year-old former archbishop of Buenos Aires, Argentina. He's the first Pope from the Americas and the 266th pontiff in the Catholic Church's 2,000-year history.


Tampa, FL. — The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have reeled in their priority target in free agency, agreeing to terms on a five-year deal with former San Francisco 49ers safety Dashon Goldson, ESPN's Adam Schefter reports.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, Goldson's deal is worth $41.25 million and includes $22 million in guaranteed money.

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First American town meeting was held at Boston's Faneuil Hall on this date in 1743.


Trucks and blocks. A winning combination.


You're reading the Johnny Blog. Almost as much fun as getting a special radio fixed, isn't it?


Today in Elvis History

1955 - Elvis Presley was interviewed on Jimmy Dean's "Town & Country Jubliee" television show. Elvis did not perform.

1972 - Elvis Presley received a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 14th annual Grammy Awards.

2004 - In Las Vegas, NV, the Elvis-A-Rama museum was burglarized. In less than five minutes thieves were able to steal $325,000 worth of Elvis Presley's jewelry and kitsch.


Henry Ford announced the new continuous motion method to assemble cars on this date in 1914. The process decreased the time to make a car from 12½ hours to 93 minutes.


Today in Beatles History:

1964 - It was reported by "Billboard" that releases by the Beatles represented 60% of the current singles market.

1964 - The Beatles single "Please Please Me" hit #3 in the U.S.

1964 - The Beatles single "My Bonnie" hit #26 in the U.S.

1972 - The Beatles received the NARAS' Trustees Award at the 14th annual Grammy Awards.

2000 - The compilation album "At Home With The Groovebox" was released. The Sean Lennon song "Winged Elephants" was included.


Who's more of a grumpy pants in the morning, men or women? If you answered men, you'd be wrong. Women, according to science, wake up much grumpier than men. Reason -- she's not getting enough sleep. Researchers at Duke found that women suffer more on less sleep. More depression, more anger, and more hostility. Women need 20 more minutes of sleep than men.


Today in Sports History:

1960 - Wilt Chamberlain (Philadelphia Warriors) scored a record 53 points.

1962 - Wilt Chamberlain (Philadelphia Warriors) played every minute of a game for the 47th consecutive time. The streak ended during the Warriors' next game.

1967 - The AFL and the NFL held the first common draft. The two leagues merged in 1970. The first player chosen was Bubba Smith, a defensive lineman from Michigan State.

1972 - The Cincinnati Royals of the National Basketball Association announced that the team's franchise would be moved to Kansas City, Missouri at the end of the season.

1992 - Stacey Augmon (Atlanta Hawks) scored the 6,000,000th point in NBA history.

2005 - Major League Baseball gave a congressional committee about 400 pages of documents related to drug testing. It was also reported that Bud Selig would be willing to testify in hearings planned for March 17.


McDonald's will be rolling out its Egg White Delight McMuffin in certain locations on April 22. It's like the Egg McMuffin, but without the yolk. About 50 fewer calories..


Coming Up:

Tonight --

NHL Hockey -- Tampa Bay Lightning vs New York Islanders 7:30pm EDT

Friday --

Nothin' Doin'

Saturday --

Nascar Nationwide Series -- Jeff Foxworthy's Grit Chips 300 at Bristol Motor Speedway 2:00pm EDT

NHL Hockey -- Tampa Bay Lightning vs Carolina Panthers 7:00pm EDT

Sunday --

Nascar Sprint Cup Series -- Food City 500 at Bristol Motor Speedway 1:00pm EDT


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