Saturday, May 18, 2013

It's Saturday

It's Saturday. Here's what's happening....


Today is May 18th, the 138th day of 2013. There are 227 days left in the year.


Crosby's hat trick powers Penguins to Game 2 win.

Despite history, Sharks optimistic going into Game 3.

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On this date in 1642, Montreal, Canada, was founded.


Tampa, FL. --Martin St. Louis was named Top Forward of the 2012-13 season in the Fan's Choice Awards.

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In Rhode Island, a law was passed that made slavery illegal in North America on this date in 1652. It was the first law of its kind.


Saskatoon, SK – The Portland Winterhawks, having achieved one major goal — winning the Western Hockey League championship — are off chasing another one at the Memorial Cup in Saskatoon, Saskatechwan.

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On this date in 1896, the U.S. Supreme court upheld the "separate but equal" policy in the Plessy vs. Ferguson decision. The ruling was overturned 58 years later with Brown vs. Board of Education.


Is Arceneaux on his way back?

Taman not worried about replacing Hawkins just yet.

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On this date in 1897, a public reading of Bram Stoker's new novel, "Dracula, or, The Un-dead," was performed in London.


Tampa, FL. — The Buccaneers will use the first of their 10 allotted OTA days next Monday, kicking off the third and final phase of the nine-week offseason workout as prescribed by the NFL.

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Evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson vanished while visiting a beach in Venice, CA on this date in 1926. She reappeared a month later with the claim that she had been kidnapped.


Baltimore, MD. -- What looked like a celebration turned into a panic attack, but the Rays managed to come away with a 12-10 win over the Orioles Friday night at Camden Yards.

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The Tennessee Valley Authority was created on this date in 1933.


Denver, CO. -- Jordan Pacheco's fifth-inning grand slam, the biggest hit for the Colorado Rockies in their 10-9 victory Friday night over the Giants, was almost obscured amid a flurry of activity that accounted for the game's three-hour, 48-minute duration.

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The United Nations moved its headquarters to New York City on this date in 1951.


Time for a cupcake.


You're reading the Johnny Blog. Almost as much fun as watching the Memorial Cup, isn't it?


Today in Elvis History

1971 - Elvis Presley recorded "He Touched Me."

1990 - The television show "Elvis" was cancelled. The show began airing on ABC-TV on February 6, 1990.

1996 - The Elvis Presley song "Heartbreak Hotel/I Was The One" hit #42 in the U.K.

2001 - Lisa Marie Presley helped open the new international headquarters of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights.


Mt. Saint Helens erupted in Washington state on this date in 1980. 57 people were killed and 3 billion in damage was done.


Today in Beatles History:

1963 - The Beatles began their third tour of the U.K. in Slough, England. They were supporting Roy Orbison with Gerry & the Pacemakers.

1964 - Paul McCartney was interviewed by David Frost on BBC-TVs "A Degree Of Frost."

1965 - The Beatles appeared on the NBC-TV special "The Best on Record." The show featured recent Grammy Winners.

1967 - At Olympic Studios, in Barnes, London, John Lennon and Paul McCartney contributed backing vocals for the Rolling Stones song "We Love You."

1992 - Sweden's King Carl Gustaf presented the first Polar Music Prize to Paul McCartney.

1993 - In an article in "USA Today" Paul McCartney talked about the 1985 Michael Jackson takeover of the Lennon and McCartney songwriting legacy.


The U.S. federal government and 20 states filed a sweeping antitrust case against Microsoft Corp. on this date in 1998, saying the computer software company had a "choke hold" on competitors which denied consumer choices by controlling 90% of the software market.


Today in Sports History:

1897 - William Joyce (New York Giants) set a record when he hit four triples in one game.

1933 - The first major league All-Star Game was announced. It was to be played on July 6 at Comiskey Park as part of the Chicago World's Fair.

1934 - Jimmie Foxx hit the first home run in Comiskey Park.

1942 - New York ended night baseball games for the duration of World War II.

1956 - Mickey Mantle hit a home run from both sides of the plate for the third time.

2000 - Mark McGwire (St. Louis Cardinals) passed Mickey Mantle on the home run career list. He ended the game with 539.


"Hee Haw Collection" was released on this date in 2004. It was the first time that full shows were released on VHS and DVD.


Coming Up:

Tonight --

MLB -- Tampa Bay Rays at Baltimore Orioles 4:05pm EDT

Nascar Sprint Cup Series -- All Star Race at Charlotte Mototr Speedway 7:30pm EDT

MLB -- San Francisco Giants at Colorado Rockies 8:10pm EDT

Sunday --

MLB -- Tampa Bay Rays at Baltimore Orioles 1:35pm EDT

MLB -- San Francisco Giants at Colorado Rockies 4:10pm EDT

Monday --

MLB -- Tampa Bay Rays at Toronto Blue Jays 1:07pm EDT

MLB -- San Francisco Giants vs Washington Nationals 10:15pm EDT

Tuesday --

MLB -- Tampa Bay Rays at Toronto Blue Jays 7:07pm EDT

MLB -- San Francisco Giants vs Washington Nationals 10:15pm EDT

Wednesday --

MLB -- San Francisco Giants vs Washington Nationals 3:45pm EDT

MLB -- Tampa Bay Rays at Toronto Blue Jays 4:37pm EDT

Thursday --

Nothin' Doin'

Friday --

MLB -- Tampa Bay Rays vs New York Yankees 7:10pm EDT

MLB -- San Francisco Giants vs Colorado Rockies 10:15pm EDT

Saturday --

Nascar Nationwide Series -- History 300 at Charlotte Motor Speedway 2:30pm EDT

MLB -- San Francisco Giants vs Colorado Rockies 4:05pm EDT

MLB -- Tampa Bay Rays vs New York Yankees 4:10pm EDT

Sunday --

Izod Indy Car Series -- Indianapolis 500 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway 12:00pm EDT

MLB -- Tampa Bay Rays vs New York Yankees 1:40pm EDT

MLB -- San Francisco Giants vs Colorado Rockies 4:05pm EDT

Nascar Sprint Cup Series -- Coca-Cola 600 at Charlotte Motor Speedway 6:00pm EDT


That's all for today. Thanks for stopping by, see you tomorrow!

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