Sunday, September 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Meggie May

Today would have been the 11th birthday of my beloved Miniature Schnauzer, Meggie May Meissner. She came to live with me in November 1997 and ended up affecting my life in a profoundly positive way.

I met a good friend, Terry Ley, at a Pet Loss Support Group meeting in June 1997. I had recently lost my Willis and Terry had recently lost his Bob. We connected because of our interest in sports(Terry pitched in six games at the end of the 1971 season for the New York Yankees). He then introduced me to a friend of his, Judy Schwartzkopf, who had a pregnant Schnauzer. Turns out, Meggie was the only puppy her Momma ever had and was so tiny at birth, that she wasn't expected to survive. As a result, her ears weren't cropped and her tail wasn't docked. Well, Meggie and I soon met and after initially being ignored, we soon fell in love. She came home with me about a month later.

Meggie was a sweet little girl and loved everyone she met. She especially loved little kids and her big brother Freckles, who came to live with us several months later. We went lots of places and did lots of things together. Because of Meggie, I joined an MSN Schnauzer group. It was on that group that I met Kim, who had a Miniature Schnauzer of her own, Snoopy Boo. Kim and I soon fell in love and were engaged before even meeting face-to-face. Kim came out west to meet me in February 2005 and bonded with Meggie instantly. And Meggie definately loved her new Momma. However, a lifetime of love with me, Kim, Meggie, Snoopy and Freckles wasn't to be. Meggie developed pancreatitus and crossed the Rainbow Bridge on April 7th, 2005.

Meggie has been missed every day she's been gone. But the happy memories of our precious little girl will last a lifetime. Without her, I wouldn't have Kim, Snoopy, Smoke and our extra-precious baby boy Jimmy. I love you my little sweet-sweets. Thanks for being Daddy's little girl. Run fast and play sweet with Willis, Freckles, Molly and Katie. The new Momma and I will always love you!

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