Thursday, October 2, 2008

Baseball playoffs on TBS

It's a lazy day at home and I'm enjoying it, by watching the baseball playoffs on TBS. Or, it might be more accurate to say TRYING to enjoy it. The coverage by TBS can be broken down into two categories: Visual and soundical(Look everybody, I invented a new word!). The pictures and graphics they show are just fine. The announcing crews? Well, they're another story altogether.

The studio crew, including Cal Ripken, Jr is lame, at best. No emotion, no sense of excitement for either upcoming or just concluded games. But, I could take that over the game site announcing crews any day. Tony Gwynn has a very annoying voice. Hard to listen to and he seemingly never shuts up. Ron Darling rarely gets a chance to talk. And why do networks (any of them) feel the need to have three guys in the booth anyway? Have a play-by-play guy(But spare us Dick Stockton please!), a color guy and, if they must, a guy at field level. But three in the booth is too much.

But, just when I thought I had heard the worst a TV network has to offer, TBS throws us Harold Reynolds. Holy cow! He feels obligated to run his mouth every time the play-by-play guy shuts his. And he doesn't shut up until it's time again for the play-by-play guy to call the next pitch. And his voice is about as annoying as Gwynn's. It's so bad, that I turned the sound on the TV off and am just watching the pictures. I found it easily more entertaining to turn up the baby monitor and listen to my four month old son Jimmy, as he fusses in the other room, trying his best not to go to sleep for his afternoon nap.

I'm glad the games are on. I just wish we didn't have to be subjected to such horrible announcing.

Oh, before I forget: Go Rays!

1 comment:

Steve said...

Gwynn's voice is sooooooooo annoyingly nasal. So much so that I got on the net specifically to find blogs or message boards that were voicing the same thing. I mean that sh*t is almost f*cking unbearable.
I swear to God, I would have had to kill him as a kid during puberty.
I hope my Phils meet you guys in the WS! Good Luck!

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