Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday afternoon Meissnervations

Oops....Is it Monday already? Well, here goes.


The Saskatchewan Roughriders built a big lead Friday, then held on to beat the B.C. Lions 28-24 in the 2009 CFL opener for both teams. I listened to the game Friday night, then watched it on Saturday. Lots of turnovers for both teams, pretty sloppy football. Big hero for the Riders was Omarr Morgan, who had two interceptions and a fumble recovery(As I learned watching the game, in Canadian football, all you have to do is touch, or otherwise make a play on a loose ball before it goes out of bounds, and the ball then belongs to your team). The Saskatchewan defense, a question mark before the game, was flying all over the field throughout the contest. Next up in an afternoon contest this Saturday at Toronto, which beat Hamilton 30-17 last Wednesday. Remember former Seattle Seahawks defensive back Kerry Joseph? Well, he is thriving as Toronto's quarterback. Kickoff is 3:00pm EDT on Saturday. Listen on


I've got to stop talking about the Tampa Bay Rays. Twice now, I've wondered if they were finally making their push to the top of the A.L. East. Well, after a 7-game win streak, they've now lost 4 straight. Me and my big mouth. They're off tonight, then play at Toronto tomorrow.

Speaking of the Rays, whetever happened to their alleged interest in Pedro Martinez? News now is that Phillies scouts will be in the Dominican to look him over. Couldn't hurt, the way they're going this season, even though they are currently first in the NL East.


Baseball leaders:

AL East: Boston by one over New York, six over Tampa Bay.
AL Central: Detroit by two over Minnesota, two-and-a-half over Chicago.
AL West: Los Angeles and Texas tied for first, three-and-a-half ahead of Seattle and eleven in front of Oakland.

NL East: Philadelphia one over Florida, four ahead of Atlanta and New York.
NL Central: St. Louis one ahead of Milwaukee, two-and-a-half ahead of Chicago and three ahead of Cincinnati.
NL West: Los Angeles seven and-a-half ahead of San Francisco.


Lots of movement of free agents in both the NBA and NHL, although I guess NBA teams can't officially announce free agent signings until Wednesday. Hedo Turkoglu left an NBA finalist(Orlando), supposedly rejected an offer from Portland and apparently is headed to Toronto. Who says it ain't about the money? Biggest splash in the NHL, is Marian Hossa signing a 12 year deal with Chicago. Hossa's NHL world tour, all in search of wanting to spend some quiet time with Stanley, will apparently be in Chicago for awhile. But, it's not about the money, right?



Oh, did you see that Shaq was traded from Phoenix to Cleveland? Whoopdee-doo. Cavs think they can muscle their way to a title. Again....Whatever. First order of business: Changing the color scheme of those blank jerseys Shaq wears in those Icy Hot commercials. But, as long as he brings Cleveland that long elusive NBA title, who cares if O'Neal rips their locker room wide open?

NBA Basketball....Tall guys who can't skate.


Crew was over at the house today, installing a new shower enclosure in the laundry room. Apparently, the old one was ruined, because former tenants kept a large sized dog in it. Jeez, talk about whatever.

Jimmy charmed everyone(as usual) and one of the handymen and I got to talk some hockey. That always makes it a good day.


Isn't it amazing, how many well-known people have passed away recently? Makes ya wonder who's next, doesn't it? The two most high-profile cases, those of Michael Jackson and Steve McNair will not only be in the media and therefore the public consciousness for quite a long time into the future, but both stories will likely grow much weirder as the days, weeks and months go by. A lot of M.J.'s weirdness we've already heard about. But, what's coming out about McNair since his apparent murder is shocking a lot of people. Goes to show that perhaps we all should be a bit more careful whom we choose as our heroes.


Well, that's about it for now. Have a great week everyone!

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