Friday, April 1, 2011

It's Friday

It's Friday. Here's what's happening....


Today is April 1st, the 91st day of 2011. There are 274 days left in the year.





Leafs top Bruins in shootout to stay alive..

Islanders rout desperate Rangers.

Thrashers blank Flyers.

Capitals nip Blue Jackets in OT.

Lightning beat Pens to clinch playoff berth.

Senators whip Panthers.

Wild extend Oilers slide to 11 with win.

Predators hold off Avs.

Canucks beat Kings to clinch President's Trophy.

Sharks beat Stars to clinch playoff berth.


Today's birthdays: Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito is 61; Scottish singer Susan Boyle (Britain's Got Talent contestant) is 50; reality TV dad Jon Gosselin is 34; singer/model/actress Bijou Phillips is 31.


USHL alum Da Costa inks NHL deal.

One-on-one with Gasper Kopitar.

Former Rider Donovan signs NHL contract.

Fighting Saints weekend forecheck.

Schlueter's team-first attitude leads to scholorship.

Phantoms facing must-win contests in USHL.

Force have plenty of connections to the Frozen Four.

Des Moinces Buccaneers purchase land, acquisition means positive future for community.

Skoff 'turning it up' at right time.

Tri-City Storm donates $2,000 to Campus Kitchen.


A palace official says Prince William won't be wearing a wedding ring. For centuries only royal wives in England have worn wedding rings.



Irving: Jyles trade a gamble for Bombers.

Andre Talbot hangs up his cleats.

Rider Williams helping high school athletes.

2011 CFL Schedule is here.

Donate to the Tony Proudfoot Fund.

Visit the leagues' official website,


Can't get enough of this sliding Daddy.


If you find yourself not getting enough bacon every day, you may need Bacon Air.


Today in Elvis History:

1955 - Elvis Presley released "Baby, Let's Play House." The b-side was "I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone."

1956 - Elvis Presley filmed his first Hollywood screen test for Hal Wallis.

1959 - Elvis Presley rented a piano while in Germany.

1960 - Elvis Presley taped Frank Sinatra's Timex TV special in Miami.

1977 - Elvis Presley was admitted to a Memphis hospital due to fatigue and intestinal flu. He stayed in the hospital for six days.

1981 - The album "The Million Dollar Quartet" was released for the first time on Sun in the U.K.

1993 - Michael Jackson tried to buy the remains of Elvis' twin brother, Jesse.


Rest easy, New York, the escaped Bronx Zoo Cobra has been found safe and sound. The 20-inch-long Egyptian Cobra was found on Thursday by zoo officials, coiled in a secluded, dark corner of the reptile house.



Tim Lincecum was his solid self. The Giants' defense wasn't, though, and it cost them as San Francisco opened defense of its World Series championship with a 2-1 loss to the Los Angeles Dodgers on Thursday night.

Read the rest here.


Cincinnati became the first U.S. city to pay fire fighters a regular salary on this date in 1853.


Today in Beatles History:

1961 - The Beatles began a 92 night stop in Hamburg, West Germany, at the Top Ten club.

1964 - John Lennon was reunited with his father, Fred Lennon, after 17 years.

1967 - The Beatles recorded "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)" at Studio Two, Abbey Road.

1970 - John Lennon and Yoko Ono announced that they were going to have dual sex-change operations.

1970 - Ringo Starr layed down the drum tracks for the overhauled "Let It Be" sessions.

1973 - John Lennon and Yoko Ono announced that they were creating a new country called Nutopia. The country would have no laws, no boundaries and the the national anthem was silence.

1976 - Paul McCartney and Wings released the song "Silly Love Songs."

2003 - The 5-DVD set "The Beatles Anthology" was released.


Being a leader at an organization is a great step forward in workers' careers, but many admit the title comes with challenges. According to a new CareerBuilder survey, more than one-quarter (26 percent) of managers said they weren't ready to become a leader when they started managing others.


Today in Sports History:

1876 - The first official National League (NL) baseball game took place. Boston beat Philadelphia 6-5.

1919 - The final game of the 1919 Stanley Cup was canceled due to the worldwide epidemic of influenza. No winner was declared in the series between the Montreal Canadiens and the Seattle Metropolitans.

1930 - Leo Hartnett of the Chicago Cubs broke the altitude record for a catch by catching a baseball dropped from the Goodyear blimp 800 feet over Los Angeles, CA.

1931 - Jackie Mitchell became the first female in professional baseball when she signed with the Chattanooga Baseball Club.

1972 - The Major League Baseball Players Association went on strike. The strike lasted 12 days and canceled 86 games.

1978 - Mike Bossy (New York Islanders) became the first NHL rookie to score 50 goals in a season.

1983 - New York Islander Mike Bossy became the first National Hockey League (NHL) player to score 60 goals in 3 consecutive seasons.

1992 - Players began the first strike in the 75-year history of the National Hockey League (NHL).

1996 - U.S. President Bill Clinton threw out the first ball preceding a game between the Kansas City Royals and the Baltimore Orioles.

1996 - Baseball umpire John McSherry died after collapsing during a game between the Cincinnati Reds and Montreal Expos.


Tonight on American Idol: After last week's Judges' Save, the Top 11 finalists perform the songs of Elton John.


Coming Up: 

Tonight --

MLB -- Baltimore Orioles at Tampa Bay Rays 7:10pm EDT

MLB -- San Francisco Giants at Los Angeles Dodgers 10:10pm EDT

Saturday --

NHL Hockey -- Tampa Bay Lightning at Minnesota Wild 2:00pm EDT

MLB -- San Francisco Giants at Los Angeles Dodgers 4:10pm EDT

MLB -- Baltimore Orioles at Tampa Bay Rays 7:10pm EDT

Sunday --

NASCAR Sprint Cup Series -- Goody's Fast Relief 500 at Martinsville, Virginia 1:00pm EDT

MLB -- Baltimore Orioles at Tampa Bay Rays 1:40pm EDT

NHL Hockey -- Tampa Bay Lightning at Chicago Blackhawks 7:00pm EDT


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